The Cannabis Guru



A Guide to Find the Perfect Cannabis Products for You


The Cannabis Guru is a journey to find personal cannabis enlightenment. We have partnered with Cannify to bring you the most comprehensive way to match you with the perfect cannabis products. Based on many social factors and backed by a database of scientific research to point you in the right direction of enlightenment. Not all cannabis is the same and what may work for one person’s symptoms won’t necessarily work for everyone. Our mission is to provide some solid guidance about what may work best for you based on your specific needs.

The Cannify Survey asks a variety of questions to learn more about you, your lifestyle, consumption levels and cross-reference those answers with any medical issues or lifestyle usages cases to find you the perfect match of products.  Read all about the Cannify Survey here.


Edible Dosage information


Edible Dosage information can be found here if you’d like to read more about possible dosage consumption for your situation.