We carry top-of-the-line concentrates that appeal to both connoisseurs and novices alike. The majority of our concentrate products come from our garden’s close trim/small buds that are then infused to produce high-quality Cartridges, Wax and Shatter. The finished products look absolutely amazing and taste fantastic. The highs are extremely clean and focused, lasting for hours. 

Follow this link to read more about the safety and recommended usage of regulated marijuana concentrates from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement division.

Vapes Pens & Cartridges

We have a large variety of the most popular and new-to-the-market vape cartridges and batteries. Brands include PAX Pods, cartridges from POTENCY, Ascend, O. Pen, Kush Masters, Mayflower Farms, Summit, Airopro & Willie’s Reserve.  

Concentrates & Extracts

Our live cannabis extract collection includes a variety of products like waxes, shatters, budders, sugar,  live rosins/resins, hashes, and moonrocks from brands like 710 Labs, West Edison, El Sol Labs, HRVST, Kaviar, Kush Masters, Summit, Locol Love, and more!