Relax Responsibly

We take your safety seriously and want to give you every opportunity to Relax Responsibly. We have put together some guidelines for the appropriate way to get the best experience from our edible products.

 gummiesStart with One Serving –

Start with a single low-dosage until you have figured out how the edible will make you feel.

 Wait at Least 2 Hours Before Taking More –

Every person will metabolize edibles differently, so it is best to wait at least 2 hours before ingesting any more cannabis.

 Don’t Mix Alcohol or Other Drugs –

Edibles are best enjoyed on their own, so you are able to tell how you react to cannabis on its own.

 Keep All Edibles In a Child-Proof Place –

You are responsible for keeping your cannabis-infused products away from children, pets or anyone under the age of 21.