Edible Dosage Chart

We know that our products are very tasty but consuming too much, too fast, can lead you to an uncomfortable high that may be stronger than anticipated. We’ve heard of people consuming too many edibles because it takes longer to feel the effects, so we’ve put together some simple dosage guidelines in milligrams to help you determine how much is right for you.

 New to Cannabis

Test the waters slowly and work your way towards desired level. You can always eat more after you know how your body processes cannabis.


Weekend Warriors & Occasional Users

10mg has been established as a single dose amount. Eating more than 10mg is not recommended for everyone.


Daily or Medical Users

Reserved for the veteran cannabis users who consume edibles often and have a higher tolerance, usually due to a medical condition.


No matter how many milligrams of cannabis you consume, never operate a vehicle and remember to Relax Responsibly.