Go Mountain Biking With Some Good Buds

Spring in Colorado can be muddy and wet, so we recommend that you head west on I-70 and enjoy all the dry desert fun western Colorado has to offer. If you live in Denver or the front range of Colorado you just got slammed by a huge spring snowstorm. When this happens, you lose all chances to get outside and enjoy the wonderful singletrack bike trails that Colorado is famous for. So this is when you put out a text to your best buddies and dust off the bike and camping equipment and head west on I-70 to either Fruita or Moab. These desert trail wonderlands will offer you warmer temperatures and dry hard-packed trails to rip up on your mountain bike.

While on your way out west we suggest that when you stop for gas get some quality grass in Parachute (Right off of I-70, exit 75). Our new Parachute store is there to help you get some of our best Colorado Crafted Cannabis and other treats to allow you to get your Spring going in the right direction.

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