Indica vs Sativa, whats the difference?

Indica vs Sativa: Ultimate Comparision of Cannabis Plants

indica vs sativa

Two popular types of marijuana plants are the sativa and indica strains. Each has its very own unique characteristics, and they have been blended together to create some very unique and powerful strains.

The debate over which plant is better depends in part to the wide array of medicinal and body & mind benefits you prefer.

In this comprehensive guide to distinguishing between indica vs sativa, we will cover everything from the benefits of each, size, shape, weight, and flowering time.

By the end of this article, you will be an expert on the differences between indica vs sativa plants, and be in a better position to determine which is right for your unique needs.


So let’s get to it, here is your ultimate comparison of the indica and sativa marijuana plants.

1. The Effects of Each Plant

If you know what effects each plant produces, you can choose the plant that best fits your own needs.

To get a generalized understanding of the difference between these two marijuana plants, we take a closer look at their main characteristics.

difference between indica and sativa

With the indica plants, you can expect a full-body high, relaxing and sedating, you will simply zone out to your surroundings peacefully.

With the sativa, expect a cerebral high, you feel more energized and adventurous, ready to take on any challenges you are presented with.

2. Benefits of Indica vs Sativa

To understand the benefits of each of these plants, we need to dig deeper and uncover both treatments and benefits;


With the indica plants, they are quite effective for treating insomnia and pain relief. This plant type is typically smoked right before bed because the smoker becomes extremely sleepy.

The benefits of the indica plant range from:

1. Relaxes the muscles
2. Works to reduce pain in the body
3. Reduces spasms and seizures
4. Relieves symptoms associated with stress and anxiety
5. Relieves migraine headaches

indica vs sativa effects and benefits


The grassy odor of the sativa plant is hard to not notice, and this dominant marijuana strain provides an energetic cerebral high that is suitable for smoking during the day.

This plant can be used to give a person the inspiration to write, paint, or sculpt, yet it has so many other unique benefits like:

1. Provides a feeling of ease and well-being
2. Helps fight depression
3. Energizes and stimulates
4. Creates uplifting cerebral thoughts
5. Helps to increase creativity and focus

3. Plant Shape

The easiest way to tell the difference between the sativa and indica plants, simply take a closer look at the leaf shape.

The pure sativa plant has a very slender leaf shape, while the indica marijuana leaf is much more broad in shape.

indica vs sativa leaf shape and difference

4. Duration of Effects

The duration of effects from an indica plant are long-lasting, perfect for combating insomnia or painful effects from medical treatments.

On the other hand, the effects last less time with the sativa marijuana strain because you get that immediate burst of energy that powers you through the day.

5. Difference of Indica vs Sativa

The biggest difference between the two plants is how they make you feel. When you smoke a sativa strain, get ready for a quick boost of energy to help you tackle your day or get that immediate creative spark you are looking for.

With the indica, it works to get you ready for a good night sleep or to help you feel more sedated when the body is in a tremendous amount of pain.

These two strains, like the times they are taken, are literally day and night apart.

indica vs sativa effects

6. Plant Height

If you only had to identify the indica and sativa marijuana plant by one characteristic, the simplest would be the height of these marijuana plants.

On the one hand, the indica plant is ideal for growing in smaller spaces, like grow tents because at harvest they only grow to approximately three to four feet in height.

The sativa plant on the other hand, much more suitable for growing outdoors because it can climb to a staggering twenty feet in height.

7. Smoke Flavor

Hybrids of both these plants have allowed growers to create some pretty amazing flavors, but going back to the classics, the indica and sativa plants have their own unique flavors.

The indica provides a sweet flavor like strawberries and blueberries. The sativa plant is more earthy, like pine flavor.

8. The Yield Size

One of the most important indices when it comes to the indica vs sativa is the yield size. Simply put, the bigger the harvest, the more weed there is to smoke.

The indica marijuana plant will yield approximately 2 – 3 ounces whereas the sativa will yield from 3 ounces all the way to a pound per plant.

9. Plant Flowering Time

The growth cycle from which these marijuana plants begin producing their buds under LED grow lights is called the flowering time.

When the flowering time can completely run its cycle, then the plants are ready for harvesting and curing.

With the indica, you can expect flowering time from 8 to 12 weeks, whereas the sativa plant takes much longer, from 10 to 16 weeks to fully flower.

indica vs sativa flowering time

10. Plants Origin

The growth of these marijuana plants have quickly spread globally, but the origins of the sativa and indica can be traced back to very specific locations.

When it comes to the sativa, it originates from regions near the equator like Southeast Asia, Thailand, Mexico, and Colombia.

As far as indica, it has been traced back to Afghanistan, Morocco, Turkey, and the Middle East.

11. Sativa Strains

With each hybrid that is produced, so are new hybrid strain names.

With sativa plants, you can tell if you are dealing with this particular plant when you come across names for the strain like Hawaiian, Haze, Thai, Purple Haze, Mauwie Wauwie and Panama Red.

12. Indica Strains

The indica strains are more easier to identify because they have a deep purple color appearance. The strain names will vary from Afghani, Kush, Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, White Widow and Ketama.

13. Symptom Relief

Both the sativa and indica marijuana strains are effective at relieving nausea, pain, and loss of appetite, but each strain does treat certain symptoms more effectively.

The indica plants are ideal for those having trouble sleeping at night because they put you in a very sedated state.

The sativa plant can help fight off symptoms of depression and anxiety by altering your mood and giving you a boost of energy during the day.

These differences between the sativa and indica are just a brief summary of what you can expect from each plant.

Knowing the benefits, differences, and flavor, you are in the best position to treat your body effectively and make use of the unique qualities each provides.


Indica vs Sativa: Ultimate Comparision of Cannabis Plants