The Nugget

Fat Bike Winner!

Congratulations to Grant of Glenwood Springs, CO

We raised just over $1,000 that we will be donating to a cancer charity of our choice from the entries for this bike raffle. Luckily one of our local customers won the Fat Bike, so we will be able to see this bad-to-the-bone bike around town. This custom Green Joint fat bike is a one of a “kind” ride and we are happy that it is going to a local who has supported us for several years.


Green Joint Campfire Sightings

The cool thing about being a recreational marijuana shop in the mountains is connecting with the customers and creating new connections that will hopefully last for years to come. With that being said it really brightens our day when we see “fans” of The Green Joint out representing their affinity for our brand. We love our “Fatty Campfire Sticker” and have started to see it popping up around the valley and on the mountains. So thanks to all of our loyal fans and supporters and we encourage you (who are of legal age) to post your Green Joint pictures to our Facebook page to show your love. Here are a couple cool examples that we have seen up on the slopes.


Get High Pumpkin Pie

What’s better than pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving?  Weed-infused pumpkin pie.  We know we are going to eat too much this holiday season, so why not have dessert that makes you hungry enough for a second dessert?  Sounds like a great plan to me, so let’s gather the ingredients, get baked then start baking.