The Nugget

2017 January Special

It’s 2017! Can you believe it? We are still celebrating the New Year in a HUUUGE way by offering YOU some of the best specials we’ve ever offered! Make sure that you take advantage of these January only specials, because like 2016, they’ll be gone before you know it.


New Edibles & CBD Tincture

Canna Chips:

This edible product is exactly what I want to eat as a stoner… Crispy potato chips coated with caramel and covered in milk chocolate with potato chip crumbs. One of the best edible combinations I’ve ever tasted. This new product comes with 10 chips per package for a total of 100mg for only $18. A must try for everyone!


Live Resin hits The Green Joint!!

That’s right, Live Resin is now available at all of The Green Joint locations!! This phenomenal product was infused by a top notch concentrate company called Craft 710. We supplied them with our locally grown flower that was flash frozen as soon as it was harvested, they performed their magic during the extraction process, and the end result is absolutely amazing!! 1 gram of this super terpy Live Resin goes for $65 which is a fantastic price for such a high quality item. Our current flavor is the Angel OG, a delicious Blackberry x OG Kush blend that will make your mouth water… Get it while it lasts!! Only at The Green Joint.


Go Mountain Biking With Some Good Buds

Spring in Colorado can be muddy and wet, so we recommend that you head west on I-70 and enjoy all the dry desert fun western Colorado has to offer. If you live in Denver or the front range of Colorado you just got slammed by a huge spring snowstorm. When this happens, you lose all chances to get outside and enjoy the wonderful singletrack bike trails that Colorado is famous for. So this is when you put out a text to your best buddies and dust off the bike and camping equipment and head west on I-70 to either Fruita or Moab. These desert trail wonderlands will offer you warmer temperatures and dry hard-packed trails to rip up on your mountain bike.